Maitland Green: Our Weekly Update – 9 August 2018

9th August 2018


Lawyers at the Bar Council have criticised plans for a new environmental watchdog following Brexit. The law reform committee believe the body will lack “teeth” if it is unable to take the government to court. DEFRA has hit back at the suggestion, arguing the new environmental body would be given adequate legal powers to take the government to court with draft legislation expected to be published in late autumn.


A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has alleged the Earth could be locked into unavoidable global warming even if all countries managed to cut their emissions. The study set out a scenario that saw the climate eventually stabilise at a global average of 4-5C warmer, creating millions of climate refugees and making the world unrecognisable.

Denying the Facts

YouTube has confirmed it is in the process of designing algorithms that will automatically add fact checks to videos that question climate change. The video hosting site now attaches scientific explainers under videos that question climate change.

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Comment of the Week

Philip Johnston, a political correspondent at the Daily Telegraph, reflects on his time covering Margaret Thatcher’s calls to fight climate change and argues capitalism has “sound solutions”: “instead of pointlessly arguing about whether climate change is happening, we should embrace technologies that will make a low‑carbon future a reality…we should see reducing carbon emissions as an invitation to innovate, boost economic growth and leave a cleaner planet to those who will inhabit it long after we have gone.”

Picture(s) of the Week

The Daily Mail has published photos of the rubbish strewn across Mount Everest. The rubbish is dumped into landfills then burned or buried, however locals have complained they are struggling to cope with more than 100,000 visitors each year.

While the Sun highlights the wildfires that can currently been seen from space.