Our Values

Maitland/AMO in four words: Trusted Advice, Discretion, Influence.
And a powerful ally when you need us most.

Our work is based on a unique ethos, embodied in the beliefs of the firm’s founder, Angus Maitland. We believe in the power of communications. Great communications can change outcomes; be it averting a crisis, winning a takeover bid, floating a company or uniting a workforce, clear and inspiring messages deliver results whether they are spoken, written, broadcast or tweeted.

Over 20 years after Angus Maitland founded the firm, we still deliver what our clients value most – trusted advice. We believe it is an absolute privilege that clients share their confidential information and strategies with us to enable us to advise more effectively and so our discretion is assured. Whether your stakeholders are in the business, media or political worlds we use our influence whenever needed to ensure your audience see any issue from your point of view.