Maitland Political/AMO

A full service, dynamic public affairs practice helping our clients understand, navigate and influence public policy at all levels

Changes to public policy can have a critical impact on businesses – for good or ill. The prospect of new government legislation or regulations may provide companies with the opportunity to access new markets, but it can also stifle competition and innovation.

Yet the worlds of Westminster and Whitehall often appear arcane and complex to outsiders. This is where Maitland Political/AMO comes in.  We help our clients understand, navigate and influence public policy to their benefit.

Our cross-party team is all drawn from the frontline of UK politics with decades of experience working for senior politicians. We intimately understand the inner workings of the parties, what makes politicians tick and how to develop relationships with key players to enable you to shape government policy.

Maitland/AMO is regulated by the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists and the PRCA, through its Public Affairs Code and Register.