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Change & Leadership

Successfully implementing corporate change

Our integrated approach to change communications ensures the successful and sustainable implementation of our clients’ strategic objectives. As a facilitator of change, we enable dialogue between different stakeholders, organise the involvement of specific target groups in the change process, and minimise resistance across the organisation.

Content creation
We support clients in creating a compelling narrative that unites their organisation behind joint goals and a shared purpose. We help leaders to define value beyond the shareholder’s perspective and articulate what their business has to offer for different stakeholder groups.

Leadership alignment
One of the most critical factors for transformation success is effective, visible leadership. We help our clients to build internal alignment, ensuring the early buy-in and commitment of the leadership team in the process. Our approach is to empower leaders to communicate and operationalise change on every level of the organisation.

Targeted involvement
Deploying an insight-driven approach, we create measures that involve leaders and employees across the organisation: from bottom-up processes around culture and values, to top-down driven programmes that focus on the implementation and operationalisation of change.

Process design
We support clients in developing strategic communication roadmaps, ensuring a coordinated approach with adjacent functions. We diagnose the change impact for different stakeholders and determine their specific communication needs – as well as the most effective channels to reach internal audiences. Measurement of impact and outcomes allows for the fine-tuning of communications throughout the process.

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