Values Most Valued: The AMO Global Corporate values Survey

by Neil Bennett | 21st July 2021

A new annual survey of corporate values around the world, the first of its kind, shows that companies are significantly more keen to display their concern for people and their communities than before the Covid pandemic hit last year.

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The “Values Most Valued” survey, published today by the /amo network, a leading global organization of strategic communications advisors, compares how corporate values have evolved over the last year by examining annual reports and websites of 525 listed companies in 22 markets.

To carry out its global review of corporate values, /amo asked its consultants to closely examine annual reports published last year and this year by the largest listed companies in 22 markets. The resulting study turned up a total of almost 2,300 individual corporate values cited in all, an average of 4.3 values per company. These numerous individual values were then classified into a smaller number of  broad categories to allow a more meaningful analysis of the results.

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