The el Clasico of Grocery

14th October 2016

Every story needs a hero and a villain but in the stand-off between Unilever and Tesco which ended last night it was impossible to know which was which.

Forget the specifics and look instead at the spectacle; two Goliaths going head to head in a battle of wills.

It was a tale with no Davids; the el Classico of grocery.

So while we’ve been revelling in the match-up and may have favoured one team over the other it was the contest rather than the outcome which provided the thrills.

In this heavyweight bout both contestants suffered damage; one for gouging, the other for petulance. But both chalked up a victory of sorts too.

Store cupboards across the land were likely groaning a little heavier this morning with Unilever fare, a powerful emblem of the strength of its brands.

Tesco, meanwhile, has done enough to stand up for consumers to allow modest price rises to pass when dust settles.

This el Classico was a thrilling, if bloody, one all draw.

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