Exclusive Survey of Conservative MPs on Labour Leadership Contest

1st August 2015

Maitland/AMO Political have conducted an exclusive survey of what Conservative MPs think about the Labour Leadership contest.

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Conservative MPs cheer Labour Leader Corbyn but think Kendall would give Labour the best chance at the next Election

As ballot papers begin to fall on the doormats of Labour supporters, leading public affairs consultancy Maitland Political/AMO seeks to establish what Labour’s opposition makes of their leadership contest. The exclusive survey of backbench Conservative MPs shows an absolute majority of Conservative MPs would favour the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being elected leader of the Labour Party next month. However, two thirds of those responding to the survey said that Liz Kendall would give Labour the best chance at the next General Election, with all the other candidates lagging well behind.

The survey also reveals that almost three quarters of those responding think a woman (Yvette Cooper – 38% or Liz Kendall – 35%) would perform best against the Prime Minister at the Despatch Box.

Despite these results, 54% of Conservative MPs remain confident that Labour will elect Jeremy Corbyn as its leader on September 12th.

Maitland Political/AMO partner, James Drewer said:

“According to our survey, backbench Tory MPs fully expect Jeremy Corbyn to be crowned Labour Party leader, and cheer the prospect. In contrast, they believe that Liz Kendall would be the person best placed to help improve Labour’s fortunes but think she is lagging well behind the other candidates in the race for the Labour leadership.”

“After a bruising defeat in May Party members seem to be repeating history by selecting a fringe candidate. We saw it with the Conservative members picking Iain Duncan Smith ahead of a much brighter election prospect, Ken Clarke, in 2001. It seems irrespective of the party, activists prioritise ideology above electability”

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