In the Hot Seat Q&A Series 2020

by Zara de Belder | 16th December 2020

2020 has been an unforgettable year. The rapid spread of Covid-19 has placed unprecedented strain on national economies and forced businesses across nearly every industry to re-evaluate how best to support their employees and communities in the face of unexpected challenges. With the virus serving as a suitable reminder of humanities worsening relationship with nature, climate change has continued to dominate the global agenda.

But new priorities have also emerged from the pandemic. The commercial and social significance of issues such as human capital management or diversity and inclusion has also made organisations think long and hard about their purpose.

To celebrate the people who have been tirelessly driving the sustainability agenda, this year we decided to launch a new series called In the Hot Seat. Aside from showcasing their personal stories, the series also created a forum to debate some of the biggest questions facing sustainability professionals across a range of industries. Over the year, we have discussed a variety of topics. From the importance of environmental disclosure, to managing supply chain risks, we also looked at Board diversity and gender representation in the workplace. We hope you enjoyed the series and thank you again to our interviewees for their time, commitment, and enthusiasm for In the Hot Seat.

Maitland/AMO Sustain Team

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