The Scottish Independence Referendum

1st September 2014

Dear all,

I am pleased to present the third Maitland/AMO Political Insight, this time on the Scottish independence referendum taking place on Thursday 18th September. Today it is exactly two weeks to go before Scots make the most important decision of their lifetimes, choosing either to remain in the United Kingdom or to separate as an independent nation.

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In this Scottish independence special edition we:

• Chart the milestones of one of the hardest fought contests in British politics
• Get the view from the campaigns as the No camp’s Brian Wilson goes head to head with Yes chief Blair Jenkins
• Consider what the future looks like for Scotland and explore the policies that will follow from separation or continued union
• Hear from expert pollsters ComRes on the ‘high politics’ of the referendum
• And we take look at the debate from a Canadian point of view from one of our very own

We hope you enjoy it and as always if you’d like to know more on how Maitland Political/AMO can help your business respond to the ever changing political world do get in touch.

Many thanks,

Justin Taylor
Consultant, Maitland Political/AMO

The Scotland Independence Referendum Insight