Maitland/AMO Green Monitor – Friday 8 March 2019

8th March 2019

International Women’s Day

  • MARVEL-OUS: Marvel has released Captain Marvel today to coincide with International Women’s Day. The film is their first one with a female superhero lead in 14 years.
  • THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKIN’: For the first time ever, an all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk at the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will carry out the spacewalk on March 29.
  • TAKING HOME THE PRIZE: Women won a record-breaking 15 Oscars at the 2019 awards. In 2018 the total was only 6 – of which 2 awards (best actress and best supporting actress) must be awarded to women.
  • MIND THE GAP: Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s ‘she-conomy’ report has said that it could take another 200 years to close the gender financial wealth gap as men still control the majority of the world’s financial assets.

In Business

  • CHANGED THEIR TUNE: In a bid to help reduce plastic pollution, Glastonbury Music Festival has announced it will no longer sell single-use plastic water bottles. All soft drink cans and plastic bottles brought on site will also be recycled after the festival.
  • BIN THE SKIN: Selfridges will become the first Luxury department store to stop selling all exotic animal skins. The store has announced that from February 2020 onwards it will only stock leather from ‘agricultural livestock’.
  • VEGAN VOLVO: Volvo has announced the 2020 launch of Polestar 2 – a premium vegan car. The car will be the company’s first fully electric car with a fully vegan interior and it is hoped will be a competitor for Tesla’s Model 3.
  • PLASTIC FANTASTIC: SC Johnson has created the industry’s first plastic bottle composed from 100% recycled ocean plastic for its Windex products. The bottle is completely recyclable and both non-toxic and cruelty-free. It will be available in the North American domestic market.
  • NO MORE MISSED DELIVERIES: Amazon has launched a new service that allows customers to select a set delivery day and ‘group’ their orders. The service, called ‘Amazon Day’, will enable the online retailer to reduce its packaging and carbon footprint.
  • SKY’S THE LIMIT: Sky has announced a partnership with Ambienta, a European investment fund, to help drive investment into projects tackling plastic pollution.
  • GOOD (EASTER) EGG: Tesco has announced that all cocoa within its own-brand chocolate is now sustainable and sourced from farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

In Politics

  • SCOTTISH INVESTMENT: The Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency have collaborated to launch the Scottish Conservation Finance project. The initiative aims to increase investment in environmental projects and is hoping to attract £1bn of investment in protecting the nation’s natural capital.

In Innovation

  • CLEAN CONSCIENCE: 14,000 wet wipes are used globally each minute. To tackle this Natracare, a natural personal health and hygiene company, has developed what it claims are Europe’s first ‘fully flushable’ wipes. The wipes are composed of 100% bio-based and compostable materials and will help with the problem of fatbergs and marine pollution.
  • SMOOTH SAILING: Norwegian cruise operator Hurtigruten, has successfully trialled its first hybrid-electric cruise vessel. The MS Roald Amusen can accommodate 530 guests and will embark on its maiden season this spring.
  • SOLID AS A ROCK: A research team led by RMIT University has launched a project to convert gaseous CO2 back into a solid ‘coal-like’ form for storage. It is hoped this will help tackle the current concern over potential CO2 leaks when it is converted into a liquid format.

In Peril

  • HOTTEST MONTH EVER: Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has January 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. The effects of the heatwave can have catastrophic events for wildlife, marine life and local flora and fauna.

In Investment

  • SWEDISH WIND FARM: Private equity firm Ardian has announced plans to invest $342m for a project to build a wind farm in Sweden. The farm is expected to be operational by 2021.
  • US SOLAR FUND: US Solar Fund is hoping to raise $250m to invest in US solar. It will be the only UK-listed fund to offer access to the US solar market. The listing is expected around 20 March, 2019.
  • SHELL ACQUIRES START-UP: Shell has agreed to buy Limejump, a UK based energy start-up. The acquisition will mean Shell will now own one of the UK’s largest battery storage networks.
  • NOTCO INVESTMENT: The Craftory, a $300m global investment fund, has announced its first major investment, leading a $30m investment in Chile-based vegan food substitute company NotCo. The investment will be used for product development and international expansion.
  • TOTAL EREN AQUIRES NOVENERGIA: Total Eren has agreed to buy NovEnergia Holding Company, a renewables firm, for an undisclosed sum.
  • DS SMITH DEAL: DS Smith, Britain’s biggest box-maker, has agreed to sell its plastic division to Olympus Partners in a $585m.
  • BLACKROCK NEW FUNDS: Blackrock has launched six new low-carbon ETFs that eliminate exposure to controversial sectors, improve ESG and offer a reduced carbon emissions intensity of 30%.
  • HSBC COAL: HSBC is experiencing pressure from investors to halt all financing of new coal-fired power stations including those in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam (the three countries excluded from their initial promise to end its financing of coal power stations).


The ABB FIA Formula E Championship has announced that it will host a London event in 2020. The race, called the London ePrix, will come to the city on 25-26 July and will take place around the Royal Docks and ExCel centre. The race will see up to 26 electric cars racing around a 2.4km course in the capital.