Maitland/AMO Morning Political Monitor – 4 July 2019

4th July 2019

Driving the Day 

POLLING IN THE RED: A new YouGov poll has put the Labour in fourth place with just 18% of voters saying they would currently vote for the party. The Times notes that the last time polling was this bad for the Labour party was in May 2009, as Gordon Brown grappled with the financial crisis.

HUNT FOXES UP? With ballot papers winging their way to the Conservative membership, Jeremy Hunt has said he would consider repealing the ban on fox-hunting. Commentators are divided over whether this is a shrewd move to distinguish himself to the Conservative membership or a pledge-misfire given a majority of voters appear to back a ban on foxhunting. This morning many Conservative MPs have pointed out that a similar pledge by Theresa May in the 2017 Conservative manifesto was not well received. On Radio 4’s Today programme this morning Hunt refused to say three times whether he thought foxhunting was cruel. Wales Office minister Kevin Foster has criticised the announcement, commenting it is “time to move on with animal welfare gains, not go back decades”. In contrast, today Boris Johnson is expected to pledge to fund 20,000 more police officers.

On Manoeuvres 

  • Theresa May visits Scotland to make a speech on the importance of strengthening the union and the risk of a no-deal Brexit
  • Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson MP participate in Yorkshire and Humber hustings for the Conservative Party leadership election
  • 10.30 onwards, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes and Deputy Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson speak at the Local Government Association conference
  • Mayor of London Sadiq Khan speaks at the annual Confederation of British Industry summer reception

Order Paper Highlights 

House of Commons

  • 9.30 Digital, Culture, Media & Sport oral questions
  • 10.10 Attorney General oral questions
  • Business Statement
  • Backbench Business Debate: Ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans

House of Lords

  • Debate on the Apprenticeship Levy and the case for the effective delivery of workplace opportunities for young people – Lord Young of Norwood Green

Reports and Statistics

  • The House of Commons European Statutory Instruments Committee publishes its verdict on the latest Statutory Instruments in Parliament
  • The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee publishes a report on social care funding in England