Maitland/AMO Morning Political Monitor – Friday 07 June 2019

7th June 2019

Driving the Day


The Black Eyed Peas and politics have never been obvious bedfellows. But then of course that was before their song “I’ve gotta feeling”. And they felt that last night was gonna be a good night for someone. They even went further and said it was gonna be a good good night. And so it was – but not for the widely Trumpeted Brexit Party, but for Lisa Forbes, Labour’s candidate for Peterborough. Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to the “people powered campaign” avoiding the tiny elephant in the room of Ms Forbes’ recently unearthed controversy. She was recently forced to apologise for liking a post on Facebook about the Christchurch terror attacks which claimed that the Prime Minister (more on her below) had a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda”. Ms Forbes apologised but not without the Jewish Labour Movement saying that they would not campaign for her. Still, Mr Corbyn looks forward to welcoming Lisa to Parliament next week.


Letter writing used to be fun. I remember writing to my fictional Russian penpal Vladimir. I could never think of anything to say. Still, I suspect the Prime Minister will think of something – she is due to write a letter to Conservative Party Chairman, Brandon Lewis, to confirm that she is resigning from her role as leader of the Conservative Party but that she will stay on in an interim basis until her successor is elected which looks roughly like 22 July. Interestingly enough, it’s the same date as another Godfrey of Bouillon’s election in 1099 as ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem once it had reverted to Christian rule. That went well.

On Manoeuvres 

  • Prime Minister Theresa May resigns as leader of the Conservative Party.
  • International Development Secretary and Conservative leadership contender Rory Stewart hosts a discussion event.
  • Deputy Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson and Ed Davey MP participate in the party’s leadership hustings.
  • Lord Adonis delivers a speech at an Institute for Public Policy Research event on reshaping Britain’s railways for the 21st century.
  • The Green party convenes for its Spring Conference. Deputy Leader Amelia Womack delivers a speech.

Order Paper Highlights 

The House of Commons is not sitting in plenary and no committees have yet been scheduled.

The House of Lords is not sitting in plenary and no committees have yet been scheduled.

Reports and Statistics 

  • The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee has published a report on the Scotland Office and the role of the Secretary of State for Scotland.
  • The House of Commons Justice Committee publishes the government’s response to the committee’s report on transforming rehabilitation.
  • The National Audit Office has published a report on government departments use of consultants to support preparations for Brexit.