Maitland/AMO Morning Political Monitor – Wednesday 24 July 2019

24th July 2019

In the News

  • Theresa May will face her final PMQs today, followed by a final lunch at No 10, a final speech and then on to Buckingham Palace to resign as Prime Minister.
  • Tom Watson has insisted he was also a victim of the fantasist Carl Beech who was convicted of inventing claims of abuse and murder as former MP Harvey Proctor, who was one of the men named by Beech, accused Mr Watson of giving “oxygen” to Beech’s erroneous claims.
  • Boris Johnson will head to Buckingham Palace following Theresa May’s resignation and is expected to announce a number of senior cabinet posts. He is expected to increase the number of women in full cabinet positions and boost the representation of ethnic minorities.

On Manoeuvres 

  • Theresa May MP steps down as the UK Prime Minister.
  • Caroline Lucas MP and Clive Lewis MP attend the Another Europe is Possible campaign event.

Order Paper Highlights 

House of Commons 

  • 11:30am: Scotland Questions.
  • 12:00pm: Prime Minister’s Questions.
  • Ten Minute Rule Motion: Dockless bicycles (Regulation) (Daniel Zeichner, Lab, Cambridge).
  • Kew Garden (Leases)(No.3) Bill [Lords] – Remaining Stages.
  • Debate on the Role and Sufficiency of Youth Services..

House of Lords 

  • Lord Singh of Wimbledon (Crossbench) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on the Independent Review of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s support for persecuted Christians.
  • Lord Scriven (Lib Dem) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on what assessment the government has made of the human rights situation in Bahrain over the last two years and whether that assessment was made independently of the government of Bahrain.
  • Baroness Sheehan (Lib Dem) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on the impact of climate change on the livelihoods of people in the Sahel region of Africa.
  • Lord Berkeley (Labour) to ask Her Majesty’s Government on ensuring that the costs of the High Speed 2 rail project remain within its budget.