Maitland Political/AMO Monitor – 14 March 2019

14th March 2019

Driving the Day

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER VOTE: Tonight MPs will vote on whether to request a short, technical, extension to Article 50. Theresa May will warn MPs that if they do not pass her Brexit deal in the next six days (a third meaningful vote) they face a long delay to Article 50 that could extinguish Brexit. Her hope will be that this threat is enough to win round enough Conservative MPs. There are reports that Theresa May is back in deal negotiations with the DUP. If the DUP feel they can support the Brexit deal in next week’s MV3 they could be the key to unlock Conservative rebels.

CAT OUT THE CABINET: Last night No.10 looked the other way last night as more than 10 frontbenchers, including Cabinet members, refused to back their government on a vote to rule out a no-deal Brexit. This has caused consternation among many Conservative backbenchers, and the party whips, while further calling into question the control Theresa Mas has over her own government.

SPRING IN HIS STEP: In his Spring Statement the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, offered £26bn for government departments in a new spending review if MPs agree on a Brexit deal. Striking a different tone to the prime minister, Hammond called on MPs to “seek a compromise” on Brexit.

On Manoeuvres

  • 17.00: MPs vote on whether or not to request an extension of Article 50 and delay Brexit

Reports and Statistics

  • The House of Commons European Statutory Instruments Committee publishes its verdict on the latest batch of proposed negative instruments put forward by the Government

Highlights from the House of Commons

  • 9.30: International Trade questions
  • Women and Equalities questions
  • Business Questions to the Leader of the House – Andrea Leadsom
  • Motion to be put forward by the Prime Minister on whether to extend Article 50 (vote around 17.00)

Highlights from the House of Lords

  • 15.00 Oral Questions including on standards and certifications for the algorithms used in decision-taking by public authorities and agencies – Lord Clement-Jones
  • Questions on the number of companies who have have signed non-disclosure agreements with the government in relation to Brexit – Baroness Wheatcroft