Maitland Political/AMO Monitor – 20 September 2018

20th September 2018

Good morning,

The EU27 will use a private meeting to consider how best to break the Brexit deadlock this morning. Having rejected the EU’s revised proposal for the Irish border, Theresa May used yesterday’s dinner to urge them to soften their stance. The issue remains the main factor in a negotiation deadlock but Theresa May will still have to push any final deal through parliament. This morning one of Theresa May’s former allies, Mike Penning, uses an interview in the Telegraph to describe Chequers as “dead as a dodo”, calling the prime minister “deluded”.

Donald Tusk confirmed there will be a special Brexit summit mid-November yesterday. Today he is expected to officially unveil plays for the summit that will hopefully finalise a Brexit deal.

The Liberal Democrat conference has concluded. Vice Cable’s keynote address, dominated by his fluffed soundbite, had been described as a microcosm of the Liberal Democrat’s problems. The party’s current refusal to work in coalition, uninspiring leadership and relentless focus on Brexit has isolated what once traditionally enjoyed broad appeal. Vince Cable’s proposed reforms could change this, but it could also fatally dilute the party. Senior figures have said they fear allowing non-paying supporters to vote in leadership elections could lead to a disenfranchised membership and stop meaningful party funding.

Driving the Day

  • Theresa May has urged EU leaders to focus on attaining a Brexit deal within the next two months, emphasising that negotiations would not be extended.
  • Labour has announced that it would ban all advertising of gambling on TV during live sport matches as part of its plan to tackle the “epidemic” of gambling addiction.
  • The Institute for Public Policy Research has said the majority of EU workers in the UK would not be eligible to work in the country if proposals put forward by migration advisory committee were put into place.

On Manoeuvres

  • Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, meets Aung San Suu Kyi on the second day of his visit to Myanmar.
  • James Brokenshire, the housing secretary, and John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, give speeches at the National Housing Federation summit.
  • The adult social care system is at risk of collapse, warns a report by the Local Government Association and Carers UK.
  • The illegal immigrant population of the UK is rising by 70,000 a year, according to a report by the think tank Migration Watch UK.
  • The Office of Road and Rail publishes an interim report from the inquiry into disruption caused by timetable changes on GTR and Northern Rail.

Westminster Bubble

Both Houses are on recess. They are expected to return 9 October.

Top Twittery

Twitter reacts to a document containing the names and scathing assessments of potential Conservative leadership contenders. 

Marie Le Conte@youngvulgarian

I’m sorry but how reliable can this “dossier” be when the names of not one but two cabinet ministers are misspelled and two of the people named haven’t been in cabinet for weeks or months?

Marie Le Conte@youngvulgarian

my high level sources tell me that [looks at smudged writing on hand] Philly Hummand will be the next prime minister