Consultant (Political)

A day in the life of a consultant (Political)

My day starts at 8.00am, the first task of the morning is to get fully abreast of what the political stories of the day and decide which are the most important. I then prepare a briefing note that goes to all our clients and contacts which includes the top five stories, an update of what is happening in Parliament and around the devolved institutions and a schedule of key events for the day. After that I craft bespoke political notes for individual clients, updating them on their sector and advising on whether any action is required as a result of the news.

After I’ve briefed all the clients, my day becomes very diverse and multifaceted. There is always something going on and each day and week the focus could be on a different sector or client. I may find myself writing press releases, stakeholder mapping or contacting MPs on behalf of clients.

Often I find myself involved in several projects at a time. Working for clients is always the number one priority but I also get involved with new business proposals, arranging roundtable lunches or writing blogs for the website. Consultants at Maitland Political/AMO are given a lot of responsibility from day one, there is a lot to learn, and fast, and you are encouraged to get out of the office and around London, making new contacts in the political and corporate world.