Consultant (PR)

A day in the life of a consultant (PR)

The day typically starts early, to follow the first announcements by companies on the stock exchange from 7am. Often we are in early to help with clients who are reporting their financial results, but today I’m working on an activism project, supporting a well-known hedge fund looking to initiate management change at a FTSE 250 company. This involves sending out the statement, briefing journalists on background, and ensuring the client’s key messages are reflected as much as possible.

Afterwards, I would prepare for a couple of client catch-up calls. Some of clients are based outside the UK so we do most of our catching up over the phone. This means making sure all of last week’s actions have been completed (or are in the process), and ensuring I’ve got a good grasp of the major issues in the media today, in order to advise them on any future communications. Right now Brexit is of course one of the dominant news agendas.

It’s now lunch time, and time to meet a reporter who’s recently joined a UK national newspaper. The idea is to introduce ourselves, but also tell him/her about who my clients are, and how knowing more about them can be valuable for the journalist. I would also look to find out more about the journalist’s beat, what things would annoy them and what they have a particular penchant for.

Back in the office and I’m continuing to keep an eye on the activism media story and how that’s developing. At this point journalists are calling to ask questions, to confirm/deny any speculation.  I’m also on the phone with a television producer to discuss potential topics of discussion for tomorrow’s live television appearance for a European minister, one of our clients.

The great thing about Maitland/AMO is I’ve worked on at least 5-6 different clients today, spanning sectors from financial services, to transport, and retail. You never get bored and there’s always a lot to learn. The interesting thing is making connections between sectors and issues, and through experience, gaining enough insight on parallels you can draw.

Anyone who is up for a challenge, likes unpredictability, while thriving in a high-pressure environment – where relationships and meeting people are key – would really enjoy working at Maitland/AMO.