A day in the life of an intern

I would typically arrive for an 8.30am start in the office, where all the analysts are already hard at work. I check my emails to see if any tasks have been sent to me since the previous evening. If not I ask and work always finds its way to an intern’s desk. The work is always so varied and I usually work on about four or five clients a day across a broad range of sectors.

The work set to interns usually involves research, preparing briefing or prep ahead of meetings. I was quickly trained on the Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals and used those every day.

I meet a lot of people and this really surprised me – I thought I would be stuck in the office all day but I have been out a lot and have been taken to meet journalists and attend client meetings. The firm has a constantly friendly atmosphere and you are immersed in a company of people who genuinely enjoy and are interested in their jobs, despite being incredibly busy. The best aspect for me is that no day is ever the same because the news is constantly changing; it keeps you on your toes as you have to be ready to react to live events as they come out. The responsibility given to interns is representative and eye-opening of the experience of actually working for a financial PR firm and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested.