John Laing

Maitland/AMO has worked with John Laing since 2014, supporting its corporate and financial PR activities including its IPO in February 2015 and beyond.

A key part of the programme was to help establish John Laing’s reputation as a partner of choice for consortia on leading international infrastructure projects.


The John Laing name was well known for its historic activities in property and construction, but a new focus on Public Private Partnership (PPP) activities was not broadly understood. In the run up to the IPO it was crucial to educate key audiences on the business model and outlook. Since the IPO, Maitland/AMO has helped manage John Laing’s profile in the media and supported its recent equity fundraise, which was successfully delivered in a challenging market context.


• Maitland/AMO assisted with the education of media and investor audiences in the pre-IPO stage to develop a proper understanding of its three principal activities: primary investments in greenfield infrastructure projects, secondary investments in operating assets and investment management services to other infrastructure asset owners.
• Maitland/AMO has acted as a close strategic adviser to John Laing at all results and corporate announcements, providing an external perspective and ensuring consistent messaging focused on the strengths of the company, as its sector undergoes significant changes in the UK and internationally.
• Maitland/AMO also helped produce the key materials, including fact sheets and presentations, as well as conducting media training for the senior executives.
• Post-IPO Maitland/AMO continues to raise the company’s profile by demonstrating the role it plays in meeting its markets’ infrastructure needs as they change in response to population growth, urbanisation and climate change.


Awareness and understanding of the company has increased considerably since the IPO, resulting in sustained coverage from a range of publications and from equity analysts.