Luxembourg for Finance

Maitland/AMO has advised Luxembourg for Finance (LFF) – a public-private partnership tasked with promoting the Grand Duchy as a European and global financial centre – since 2015.

Luxembourg’s proposition for the financial services industry has been through a swift and impressive period of development – and it continues to grow. It is now one of the leading financial centres in Europe. However, its offer to international businesses and cross-border expertise was often overlooked by top tier media. This misalignment between perception and reality needed to be addressed.


Maitland/AMO supports LFF by introducing new and senior financial media to the organisation, and we assist its senior leadership to articulate the many benefits of Luxembourg and its thriving financial centre. We have recommended and developed storylines to demonstrate how the expertise found within Luxembourg enables growth for both European and international partners, companies and investors underpinning its compelling and genuinely global offer.


• Develop a compelling narrative and supporting content on Luxembourg’s financial ecosystem and expertise across a variety of sectors and themes, including: banking, investment funds, wealth management, insurance, capital markets, global competitiveness, technology and innovation and sustainability.
• Recommend and develop strong relationships with UK-based media opinion formers and broadcasters either through tours to Luxembourg or face to face interviews for the CEO.
• Address and correct any misunderstanding about the Duchy’s regulations, tax conditions or policies related to financial services.
• Position LFF as a thought leader to increase its visibility as an advanced and forward-thinking financial capital of Europe. This has included advising on how to approach discussion around Brexit and distributing a detailed opinion piece on the future of European financial services within a competitive global context.
• Highlight Luxembourg’s focus on enabling financial innovation by developing stories on green finance, fintech, Renminbi links and blockchain. An example included promoting the Sustainable Finance Forum held in Luxembourg.


LFF has successfully managed to build strong relationships with most major international media organisations and influential opinion formers, such as BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. Its proposition both now and after Brexit is much more widely understood, and its role within a global financial context receives far more recognition. The Duchy is also now able to participate in a wider ranging debate about financial services, including offering views on financing China’s Belt & Road Initiative, the growth of fintech, green finance, and of course the future development of segments and regulations within the industry such as wealth, insurance and UCITS.