Pets at Home

Maitland/AMO has worked with leading retailer Pets at Home since 2007, targeting media, investor and political audiences.

For many of those working in the City or financial media, Pets at Home was seen as just another retailer fighting for survival.


Pets at Home is more than just a pet shop and the business has worked hard to develop its offer to include services such as grooming and in-store veterinary practices.


• Maitland/AMO has worked closely with the in-house team over several years to develop an integrated communications programme for all stakeholders around the delivery of growth through new products and services and the roll-out of the store portfolio across the UK.
• In terms of political engagement, a programme of store visits for MPs, peers and civil servants has helped create a cadre of supportive advocates.
• The store visits have been particularly valuable in helping to tell the Pets at Home side of the story on political issues such as animal welfare.


The campaign has helped to generate positive PR and supportive mentions, both in Parliament and the media.