The Coalition Government proposed changing MOT tests from an annual to a biennial basis, which would have had the effect of halving revenues in the auto-centres industry and threatening 40,000 jobs.

Maitland Political/AMO created the “Pro-MOTe” campaign bringing together 31 organisations including Halfords, Kwikfit, the AA, RAC, Brake, British cycling & UNITE to challenge the proposals.


We advised that the underlying political motivation for the Government making this change was to save motorists money. Having introduced other policies, such as the insurance premium tax, that increased the cost of motoring the Government wanted to be able to demonstrate that they were reducing costs elsewhere.


• Prepared a research report to highlight how the proposals were ‘dangerous, expensive & unwanted’ then launch the campaign to a blaze of media coverage.
• Recruited several Parliamentary supporters to the campaign who were able then to press Ministers to re-think and created an active grass roots campaign with local garages highlighting the dangers of biennial MOTs to their local MPs and media.
• Amplified all activity on social media and via a campaign website.


The Government decided to reverse its decision and threw out the proposed changes.

Bill Duffy, CEO, Halfords Autocentres said: “Maitland created a fantastic campaign that was impactful, engaging and, of course, ultimately successful. We have been delighted with their work to help ensure the Government sensibly dropped its plans on MOTs.”