Reckitt Benckiser – Reorganisation

Maitland/AMO has worked with Reckitt Benckiser since 2017, advising and supporting on various corporate communications briefs, including the strategic reorganisation which was announced in October 2017.

Reckitt Benckiser announced a strategic reorganisation of its business, resulting in the creation of two new business units – Health and Hygiene Home.


After the acquisition of the infant and child nutrition category of Mead Johnson Nutrition, the reorganisation was designed reignite growth and enable a more focused development of the business’ categories. The announcement coincides with the communication of Q3 results after a challenging fiscal year – public attention and economic pressure affect perceptions of leaders and employees.


• Develop the change narrative, translating the strategic rationale into emotive key messages for different stakeholder groups. Bring the strategy to life by creating compelling visuals of the new company structure and operating models within it.
• Generate support of the reorganisation among leaders by contributing content and measures for a two-day conference of the company’s top 140 just before the announcement. A leadership communications toolkit supported executives in cascading key messages of the strategic reorganisation in their markets and teams.
• After the announcement, a series of leader-led change workshops aimed to foster open dialogue and to establish feedback channels throughout the reorganisation process.
• Support the company with the detailed planning of communication measures around the announcement of the reorganisation – and beyond that until the implementation of the new structure. An editorial plan ensured frequent and consistent messaging.


By committing and involving the executive committee as topic sponsors, communications succeeded in bringing core strategic areas to life. Leaders were enabled to cascade strategic objectives and key messages into their markets and teams. Employees were encouraged to share flagship projects and success stories on internal communications platforms and channels, making progress and quick-wins visible across the organisation.