Reckitt Benckiser – Social Impact

Maitland/AMO has worked with Reckitt Benckiser since 2017, advising and supporting on various corporate communications briefs, including the communication of its new social impact investment strategy.

Following a strategic reorganisation and the acquisition of Mead Johnson Nutrition, Reckitt Benckiser (RB) needs to develop and communicate a new social impact investment strategy.


The social impact investment strategy must reflect the new structure and focus of RB’s business, along with its growing commitment to make a positive impact on the world. And even more than the previous approach, the new strategy encourages and enables employees to get involved and participate in delivering against RB’s charitable goals.


• Maitland articulated the social impact investment strategy in a way that tied it to RB’s vision and connected with the company’s culture and values.
• The team developed the strategic rationale which reinforced RB’s narrative of being a purpose-led and results-driven business.
• Emotive and punchy key messages captured the essence of RB’s social impact ambition. This also entailed the framing of tangible, memorable and measurable goals delivering meaningful and lasting impact in the strategy’s focus areas.
• Maitland developed a toolkit that brought the new approach to life. Infographics visualised key elements of the strategy, and in-depth explanations of new the financing model made it clear how employees could apply for global funding.
• The accompanying leadership communication enabled executives to cascade information in their markets and teams, supporting them with a presentation slide deck and speaker notes as well as a comprehensive Q&A.


One core objective of the strategy communication was to invite and motivate employees to get involved and contribute to RB’s social impact investment strategy. Only a few months after its launch, people in the markets and across the business are actively engaging within the strategy’s core areas and are delivering against Reckitt Benckiser’s social impact goals.