Salute the NHS

Supporting Britain’s fightback against covid-19

〉 F1 racing boss Ron Dennis CBE’s daughter, an NHS doctor, identified a problem at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Britain. Frontline NHS health workers were not eating properly as they faced 12 hour shifts in PPE.
〉 The Dennis family wanted to act fast to address this by supplying 1m nutritious meals. But they needed private sector support – for ingredients, logistics and donations – and they needed hospitals made aware of their healthy meals.


〉 Knowing how important communications would be to this effort, Maitland/AMO was one of Ron’s first calls for support, and we stepped up on a pro bono basis, as a new and ambitious campaign called Salute the NHS launched. It aimed to deliver 1m healthy meals in 3 months to the frontline of Britain’s fightback against the covid-19 virus.


〉 As a core campaign partner, we set a communications roadmap in step with major operational developments and milestones, which allowed for PR momentum to sustain throughout the three month campaign.
〉 The plan was for a “big bang” launch, with national media exclusives in print (Telegraph) and on broadcast (ITV’s Good Morning Britain), followed by a series of stories that would run over five consecutive weekends.
〉 The campaign was targeted to shift from using Ron Dennis as lead spokesperson to his medical daughter, enabling us to tell more human stories and reach a wider range of media.
〉 We also targeted businesses and would go on to galvanise the private sector into action, including Tesco, Unilever, DS Smith, Domestic & General and Yodel.
〉 A suite of social media was set up in under a week to amplify our media work and update the public.


The numbers speak for themselves:

• 100s of articles including interviews, features and mentions from the Times, Mail, Grazia, Sky News and the BBC.
• Social media support and posts from Piers Morgan, the Cabinet Office and Royal Family.
• A dedicated JustGiving page that contributed to total campaign donations of over £1.5 million.
• Operational excellence: 1,000,000 meal packs and 72,000 care packs delivered by 1,800 volunteers to 53 hospitals.
• Ultimately, we helped to successfully plan and execute the delivery a major national campaign where PR played an important part in Britain’s fightback against Covid-19.