Social Media – Audits & Monitoring

Maitland/AMO was appointed to help a client operating in Europe’s Consumer, Retail and Leisure sectors to raise its profile and improve its reputation in the UK media.

The company was consistently rated as the worst in its peer group for customer experience. While the management team’s efforts to turn this around were starting to bear fruit, their ability to communicate the improvements were being hampered by persistently negative sentiment online. This was the result of a campaign from some committed detractors on Twitter and other social media channels.


It’s hard to keep a balanced perspective when under fire, often unfairly, on social media. A dispassionate assessment of the issues is key to success, as is having a consistent approach to ongoing monitoring and measurement.


  • We conducted a detailed audit of the company’s social media footprint across the various channels, leading to a series of recommendations to optimize and prioritize their activity.
  • Key indicators were identified for each channel, measured quarterly, so that progress can be tracked and the impact of their actions can be assessed.
  • We undertook a review of all standardized customer response templates and rewrote these to improve social media interactions with customers.


Consistent measurement and reporting of social media indicators has proved a valuable tool for the management team. We held off from proactive media engagement until clear improvements in the customer experience were demonstrable and as a result we have been able to focus media attention on the positive aspects of the company narrative.