Social Media – Influencer Strategy

Maitland/AMO was appointed by an NGO group to review their social media strategy ahead of the publication of a landmark research study.

The NGO was a coalition of organizations. While the volume of Twitter activity was high, it lacked strategic focus and a clear voice. How could we help them achieve cut-through with the report, to influence the people that really mattered?


Working with Twibalist - a Maitland/AMO partner which has developed software to analyse interaction and influence in Twitter communities - we showed that while the organizational accounts had the broadcast volume and reach, our key targets were actually influenced by individuals, both from those organizations and beyond. We would need ‘narrowcast’ strategies to reach them.


  • A series of Twitter cards and other sharable content were produced which highlighted the key messaging of the study.
  • We identified the key individuals with links to the organization who had most influence with the key targets.
  • We reached out to each in advance with specific requests to make direct contact or amplify our messaging.
  • This activity was scheduled in waves to ensure multiple appearances in target timelines and appropriate timing for the geographic location of the end target.


Our 80+ targets on average received 37 impressions on their timelines related to the report. More than half of these were sourced directly from our campaign: unmediated messaging which reached the target audience multiple times via known influencers.