Spire Healthcare

Maitland/AMO was appointed by Spire Healthcare as its retained PR and Public Affairs adviser in 2012, two years ahead of its IPO in 2014.

Maitland/AMO’s task has been to help define and explain Spire Healthcare’s positioning, as it has made the transition from private to public ownership. This has involved showing the benefits of private sector support for the healthcare system, explaining the company’s growth strategy to business audiences and engaging with MPs and other local stakeholders.


While the lines between public and private Healthcare have become more blurred in recent years, a powerful residual belief persists in some quarters that the profit motive does not belong in healthcare. Our media relations and public affairs teams would need to work closely together to deliver a consistent, persuasive message to the diverse stakeholder audiences.


  • Put emphasis on demonstrating the innovation, the investment in patient care and the high levels of clinical governance that underpin Spire’s growth strategy.
  • Maintain high levels of engagement with MPs and other local stakeholders – including local Spire hospital visits – to ensure they have first-hand experience.
  • Provide a 24/7 media relations and public affairs team to monitor media coverage of the sector and to support Spire and its hospitals around the country.


Maitland/AMO continues to provide day to day support for Spire Healthcare. By managing a joined-up programme across public affairs and public relations we have ensured that both politicians in Westminster and the broader public have a better idea of the value Spire creates for all its stakeholders.