Sunrise Communications

Maitland/AMO was appointed by CVC Capital Partners (the selling shareholder) to advise Sunrise Communications on its flotation on the SIX Swiss Exchange in February 2015.

Help build the telecom operator’s reputation in the English-speaking media and refine its equity story for international institutional investors.


International audiences would be decisive in making the IPO a success, therefore it was important to develop a strategic corporate and financial communications campaign aimed at raising the profile of Sunrise and its management among non-Swiss investors and preparing the Group for a successful listing and for its life as a public company.


  • Raise awareness for the transaction and the business.
  • Effectively promote the company’s equity story, business model, strategy and markets.
  • Build the company’s profile and credibility for the management.
  • Generate third-party endorsement. Create a perception of scarcity for the offering.
  • Develop a view that the valuation is justified.
  • Create demand tensions between investor groups – both international and domestic.


Sunrise increased the number of shares being offered to investor during the book-building process by roughly a fifth because of strong investor demand. Switzerland’s second-largest wireless carrier raised 2bn Swiss francs ($2.2bn) in the biggest initial public offering on the country’s stock exchange in eight years. The IPO received extensive media coverage from the key financial press and commentators, overall supportive of Sunrise’s equity story.