Maitland/AMO has been Vodafone's retained adviser since 2012, supporting the company through a period of transformational change.

Following a series of transformational deals the media and investor communities have becoming increasingly vocal about the challenges surrounding the sector.


Despite a truly global footprint, Vodafone achieved a large proportion of revenues from Europe, a market which at the time was being squeezed following the economic crisis. Alongside this the company fought to stay ahead of the competition by undertaking a series of M&A transactions in a competitive sector, as consumer behaviour and sentiment underwent sizeable shifts.


Maitland/AMO has acted as a close strategic adviser to Vodafone at all major results and announcements, providing an external perspective and ensuring a consistency of messaging focusing on the strengths of the company as the telecoms sector underwent significant changes.


Vodafone has continued to develop the strength of their international reputation and successfully completed a number of M&A transactions including the disposal of their stake in Verizon Wireless for $130bn – returning £54bn to investors in one of the largest corporate transactions in history. Throughout this time Maitland/AMO has acted as a key strategic adviser and helped ensure that Vodafone’s reputation was maintained and enhanced.

“Maitland’s guidance and expertise has proved to be absolutely invaluable”
Matt Peacock, Group Communications Director